To get to know a little bit more about me and about who is beeing “talked” about on this site, I’d like to introduce myself.

Since you got here (on my site:, you already know my name. Most people just call me by my nick-name: “Tine”, though I don’t find it perfect either, but in my opinion it is a lot better than “Christine” ;-)
Of course there are more names, but I will not tell totally everything here.. ;-)

“little” Tine

I was born on Jan 3rd 1981 in a small town in the (Volcanic) Eifel in Germany, lived my Childhood there and moved then from here to there.
Today I finally live in a little town in the beautiful Hunsrueck, and every day I wonder again about a few years ago not knowing even the name of my future home…
Here I have got myself accomplished a dream…

I am the lucky sister of a 2 year older brother (Bernhard, who runs the ingenious Dicotheque “M-Box” in Kaisersesch. You will find a corresponding link under “Links”). Together we have the best parents in the world and our just lovely granny. Furthermore in our family there is a BIG number of relatives, with 33 cousins and hence a big count of aunts and uncles, too.

Die “große” Tine

After having finished my apprenticeship as a nursery nurse, which I had to interrupt in consequence of the accident, I worked for 5 years in a preschool in the Eifel.
But in 2008 a little misfortune with big consequences, together with a journey to Australia should turn my life upside down… for quite a while.
After that I took my life firmly in my hands and changed a lot of things…
Today I work even on the weekends “on my own” and “permanent”, (which is a little wordplay in german, because self-empolyed means in german “Selbstständig” which consists of the words “Selbst” = “Self” and “ständig” = “permanent” ;-), so I am self-employed and accompany as a so called “School-Attendant” Children in Primary Schools.
Additionally I can call myself “Author” through the publication of my first book and for that travel a lot in this scope, which gives me a lot pleasure, beside the School-Attending.

On March 24th in 2000 an automobile accident changed my whole life in just a few seconds…this part sadly also counts to my biography and has its’ Place there…and here as well.

Just take care of yourself and appreciate every day!

Lots of Love,


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